Growing support for gay marriage: changed minds and changing demographics

This comprehensive study explores not only if people have changed their minds about same-sex marriage but what has influenced them to re-think the issue. The top answer: they know someone who is homosexual. Harvey Milk said it best, “Gay brothers and sisters,… You must come out. Come out… to your parents… I know that it is hard and will hurt them but think about how they will hurt you in the voting booth! Come out to your relatives… come out to your friends… if indeed they are your friends. Come out to your neighbors… to your fellow workers… to the people who work where you eat and shop… come out only to the people you know, and who know you. Not to anyone else. But once and for all, break down the myths, destroy the lies and distortions. For your sake. For their sake. For the sake of the youngsters…”

Growing Support for Gay Marriage: Changed Minds and Changing Demographics.