“Do what I can’t” – Visioning for 2020

Photos of Northern Lights with a comet and text "It's all about visioning. Set your mind to a task and envision the result you want to see."

Mondays are good days to start things so today is the official start of my visioning campaign to 2020. A return to good physical health is a major focus for me in order for me to do all I want to do. Therefore, even though it’s not a comfortable thing for me to write about my health publicly, that’s where I’ll start so I can hold myself accountable to these goals, right along with all the others.

“Why this week?” you might ask? I think it’ll be obvious when you see all this week holds:

  • Today, I begin a three-session course of radiation treatment to reduce from 15% to 2% the likely of recurrence of endometrial cancer;
  • Thursday, I begin physical therapy for my back;
  • This morning, I initiated a series of back-strengthening exercises; and
  • This week, I reintegrate a healthy diet, regular walks, and plenty of water.

I’m energized by all of this: the beginning of a stronger back, my cancer in remission, a return to a comfortable weight, and increased flexibility, strength, and agility.

Yesterday, I watched an inspirational ad during the Olympics. It’s part of Samsung’s “Do What You Can’t” campaign and it caught my attention. I was especially drawn to the scene of the woman trying to walk with a prosthetic leg who is inspired by a virtual reality view of her legs walking on a beach.

It’s all about visioning

I am agile. I am strong enough and flexible enough to travel (in a Class B RV) comfortably and confidently wherever I want to go, with little concern about what I can’t do.

As long as I keep this vision at the forefront of my mind, I know I can do this. What have you set your mind to do?